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Who We Are ?

Phenomenal ResultsWe are shaping the digital future by providing unique online functional and presentational development for the global business community through turnkey web strategy, design and technology solutions.

Thaidevbiz has successfully assembled a dynamic pool of creative and technological resources to achieve what some reviewers call "phenomenal results". We invite you to take a look at our extensive portfolio.

No tech talk and sales mumbo jumbo - just facts, case studies and rock-solid references in plain English. You be the judge if we are the right company to take your internet presence to the next level.

Education and CollaborationOur approach is based on collaboration - we don't try to sell you "cool" things you don't need. We listen. And we educate. The more you know about your options, the better we can satisfy your needs. We partner with our clients and seamlessly integrate with their teams to bring forth the best possible solution.

Our success depends on our clients' successes. We do not just build beautiful sites for our portfolio - we build sites that fulfill the needs of our clients and meet and exceed their expec tati ons. All done on time and on budget.We firmly believe that "the price we quote is the price you get." - if we misquoted and it took some more time then anticipated - the client is not going to pay for that. Only if the agreed upon scope of work changes significantly will we price the additional items separately.

Our approach to any project is always an educational one - all involved parties learn something that will benefit the resulting site/project.

Helping you Leap AheadOur account managers are highly experienced individuals that will explain all of the capabilities, technologies, possibilities and core competencies - yet also listen and learn everything about the client's industry, competition, vision and business needs.

This allows us to build custom sites that will meet and exceed expectations for years - since only if the client knows the possibilities - can he/she utilize them to their fullest benefit and realize his/her company's online potential.Learn About Our ServicesThaidevbiz is a “One Stop Shop” for online development. We do branding, search engine optimization, back-end programming and more!

Who We Do?

For more than two years, Thaidevbiz has been a one-stop web development firm providing online solutions to businesses. Our solutions focus on the specific needs for businesses and the people that run them, with an array of services to address every facet of a web presence.

BrandingInteracting with customers and prospects online requires much more than just a web site with your logo and corporate colors.

Web DesignA visit to a Thaidevbiz site is a pulse-raising event. Thaidevbiz 's advanced visual effects creates virtual worlds of motion, sound, and energy.

Web HostingA visit to a Thaidevbiz site is a pulse-raising event. Thaidevbiz 's advanced visual effects creates virtual worlds of motion, sound, and energy.

ProgrammingOur experienced programming team can build simple website functionality or advanced custom software.

Animated PresentationsThaidevbiz animators spend every day learning about and using new techniques and technologies, and are practiced at the fine art of making people's hearts pound with exciting presentations.

MaintenanceYour company expands. Ideas are born. New services are offered. We support your growth by offering maintenance services to all Thaidevbiz clients.

Online MarketingIn the brick and mortar world, they might look you up in the Yellow Pages. How do your prospects find you on the Internet?

Corporate ServicesThaidevbiz Strategies offers a complete line of Information Technology services for small to medium size businesses and organizations.

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